Movement Projection
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Manipulate and alter the movements of other individuelles

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"She can trick another into believing they have no longer the contolle of their own body, turning them into her own puppet."
―Entry of Neeve's ability

Movement Projection is Neeve's raw talent to take controll of the movement of anyperson.


"Neeve has this type of intimidation around others, they become a puppet to her, and she can do with them, what ever she wants to do. Its potent but......too dangerous, far too dangerous"
―Eleazar on Neeve's gift

She has the ability take control of other people's bodies and motor functions against their will. Neeve has shown great control and skill in this ability. She often uses her ability to control the movements of others, forcing other vampires to do what she wants them to do, and forcing enemies to attack themselves. 


Neeve appears to have complete control over another person's actions, but not their thoughts, so it can be stopped by a mental shield.


Similar abilities

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