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Bridget's Coven (mates)

Nelson's Coven is a nomadic coven made up of four male vampires. The coven roames across one half of Germany while Bridget and her coven, their mates, travel across the other half. The coven consists of Nelson, Reece, Deveaux and Samson, Nelson being the leader.

The coven has five cabin homes across Germany, each of whom are located on the outskirt of that location. One of them is in Frankfurt, another in Bremen, munich, hamburg and dusseldorf


Nelson's Coven was formed in 1916 during World War 1 when several soldiers and friends: Nelson, Reece, Samson and Deveaux were taken into Germany to fight the war. In the December of that year, Amsel, a vampire from the German Coven took them to a bunker underground and turned all four of them, leaving them during their transformation. By the 1930's, all four members had found mates, they found out that having mates around would 'ruin' the coven, and that having 8 members would draw too much attention. Nelson's mate, Bridget, took the other mates and formed her own coven

The coven has had a rivalry with the German Coven ever since the 1930's, starting when Deveaux killed Amsel

Crescent Moon

Main Article: Crescent Moon

Reece returns with news that one of the covens cabins has been burned down by town residents, and Nelson and Deveaux presume that either or both Reece and Samson have exposed themselves to humans


  • Nelson: founder and leader of the coven, Bridget's mate. He usually acts more like a farther figure than a brother figure to them, and doesn't like to be seen as weak or overprotective of them.
  • Samson: Coven member, Rebecca's mate. He has a quiet demeanor, but is well agreed on when he speaks.

Desired members

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