New York Coven
Founding information
Founding time



New York

Founded by

Richard Roman

  • Richard's family
  • The Roman family
Membership Information
Special characteristics
Special abilities
  • Richard: Mental Assault
  • Isobel: Memory Erasure
  • Jason: Adaptation
  • Unknown

The New York Coven is a vampire coven located in the city of New York. It was founded by Richard 'Dick' Roman and his wife Isobel Roman, it's main purpose is to overthrow the Volturi and take control of the Vampire World.


The New York Coven is divided into three different groups; The family, who are the leaders and supplementaries. During the day, vampires use magical daylight rings to prevent their skin from sparkling like diamonds in order to avoid the human world.

Isobel fangs

Isobel, Dick's bride

Jason Roman

The supplimentaries

Dr. Gaines: a doctor at the New York hospital, responsible for blood bags

Chet: employee at credit card company, responsible for tracking

Valente: FBI agent, responsible for tracking down unruly vampires before the get the Volturi's attention.

Ferguson: FBI agent, responsible for wiping out inconsistencies, such as agents that should be dead applying for jobs, and wiping cases that are vampire related and sending them to Valente.


When Dick created the coven, he created a set of laws by which all of the vampires in the coven live by

  • Basic vampires laws must be followed
  • No killing, feed only using blood bags.
  • Members of the family must be obeyed
  • The coven comes first
  • Always wear the daylight rings/necklaces
  • Failure to abide by this laws is fitted into two groups, slip ups and burns. Slip ups refer to the act, a coven members insticts getting the better of them once or twice for example. A burn refers to what happens if a member fails too many times, they are destroyed.
  • Never let the Volturi, or anyone that would report to them, know of the coven's existance

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