"A newborn army, doesn't need thousands like a human army, and no human army can defeat them"

―Jasper Hale on a newborn army

A newborn army is a coven consisting of newborn vampires, as the strength of newborn vampire greatly surpasses that of an older vampire, newborns are sometimes created and used to claim territory, or for the purpose of destroying their creators enemies


  • Benito; Benito was the origin of the concept of a newborn army, he used this to his advantage, claiming territory over mexico, destroying many covens in the process, including Maria's. The only known gifted vampires he created were Clytia and Beaumont
  • Maria; Maria decided to create an army after her previous one had been destroyed by Benito's newborns, she started her own coven in Mexico. the only known gifted vampire she created was Jasper Hale
  • Victoria; victoria used the concept of a newborn army to destroy the cullen family after She tried many efforts to kill Bella Swan when she was still human as payback for her husband; Edward Cullen, having her mate James killed. She had created an army in Seattle, consisting of 22 remaining members, as many had been killed. She had created three vampire with supernatural gifts; Fred, Raoul, Steve, Kyran, Brianna, Derek, Darius, and Tania
  • Irina; Having no effort in destroying the Quileute werewolves of La Push, Irina created a small army in Anchorage, as the Cullens moved away from Forks to protect Bella Swan, she though she might succeed in destroying the werewolves, but with the Cullens returning months later, she declined her attack. After the Cullens allied with the wolves to destroy Victoria's newborn army, she dispanded the coven and the members became nomads. She had created four vampires with supernatural talents; Patrick, Evan, Clovis and Bruno


"They're incredibly powerful physically, for the first year or so, and if they're allowed to bring strength to bear they can crush an older vampire with ease. But they are slaves to their thirst, and thus predictable."

with the armies vast numbers and physical strength, they are difficult to destroy, but through their uncontrollable nature and thirst, they are deemed predictable but also cunning, as they will expect their enemy to go for the obvious kill

Known Newborn Armies

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