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Induce ideas for any given situations

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"It's like she is always thinking. She has these findings, if one idea doesn't work, there's immediately a new idea. That's the reason why she's a researcher."
-Entry on Kaisa's ability

Noesis is Kaisa's raw talent to induece ideas for any given situation.


Noesis is the ability to induce ideas for any given situation. This ability can be used to help solve nearly any problem, because the user of this ability or the subject that he uses the power on will find a meticulous solution or plan to resolve the problem. This is not to be confused with Omnipotence, but is only a useful psychic ability that allows the user to almost never run out of ideas


This ability can only help in situations that have a definite answer or solution (writer's block or a difficult question, not opinion questions or conundrums).

Similar abilities

Joseph's power to identify and detect anything would allow him to use Kaisa's power in a way.

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