Norwegian Coven
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Norway, Europe

Founded by

Ishtvan and Marissa

  • Ishtvan's group
  • The Noegians
Membership information
Special Characteristics
Family members

The Norwegian Coven is a coven consisting of non-vegetarian vampires residing in Norway.


  • Ishtvan: Born in 1220's Norway, became a member of the Volturi guard in the 1240's. After he turned his mate Marissa into a vampire, he left with her.
  • Marissa: She was a servant working for the Volturi during her early years. In her later years she became the target of a Volturi guard and was almost killed. Ishtvan had no choice but to turn her into a vampire or she would have been killed along with him.
  • Sonya: a former guard who worked for the Volturi during her early years. Seeing how the Volturi end up violent, she left the coven and traveled somewhere far away where she wouldn't be found. She encountered Ishtvan and joined his small coven.
  • Harold: He was a member of a prosperous coven during the 1700's, until the Volturi disposed of them. He then became a refugee nomad over the centuries.


  • Ishtvan: The leader and founder of the coven with the power of Physical Petrification
  • Marissa: The Second-in-command of the coven and Ishtvan's mate.
  • Sonya: a member of the coven and Harold's mate.
  • Harold: He is a 'refugee' vampire who handles all the covens.

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