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Oregonian Coven
Founding information
Founding time

Around 1860's

  • Around North America
  • Mapuche territory, South America
Founded by

Nahuel and Huilen


Nahuel's Coven

Membership information
Special characteristics
The Oregonian Coven, sometimes known as Nahuel's coven, are vampires and dhampirs who wander North America. They are half-vegetarians that feed on animal and human blood. The coven is one of the most calm and peaceful families in the vampire world, consist of Nahuel, his aunt Hulien, his sisters, and few members of the coven.



  • Nahuel - Leader of the Coven. He is a Dhampir.
  • Huilen - Member of the Coven and Nahuel's aunt.
  • Jennifer - Member of the Coven and Nahuel's half-sister.
  • Maysun - Member of the Coven and Nahuel's half-sister.
  • Serena - Member of the Coven and Nahuel's half-sister.

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