Patrick and Gene are a nomadic couple and members of Makenna's coven. They both use to be members of Anchorage newborn coven. Patrick and Gene are the only vegetarian nomadic couple in the world.



Patrick was originally from Colorado and grew up with his parents and older sister. His parents divorced when he was 10 and he moved on to live with his father in Anchorage. His human life was difficult, and he always looked for a way out of it, this was where he met Irina. In her newborn army, he became the second-in-command, and her advisor, based on his manifested skill to sense the fears of others


Gene and her family contantly moved from house to house across Alaska since she was at a young age. She lived a promising lifestyle, both in her education and social life until she met Irina. Irina was willing to take any human at the point to turn, and soon Gene became a pawn in her army


Patrick and Gene talked more with each other when Gene was at least 5 months old as a newborn

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