Fearing Sensory
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Sense the fears of others.

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"He can immediately sense what someone fears, but it needs to be at a close proximity"
-Entry on Patrick's gift

Fearing Sensory is Patrick's supernatural power to sense what others individuals are frigtened of.


Patrick's gift allows him to feel the general fears of other individuals when he is a distance away from them. Even as a human, he was capable of feeling what people were worried of, which is why he manifested this power as a vampire. Like his senses, this gift behaves much like a shimmer, followed by information on what someone is scared of at the present moment.

Patrick is able to experience those fears others have with a strong enough bond between him and other individuals, though he would need to be in a close enough vicinity to achieve it. It is this effect of his ability that stopped him from feeding on humans and convert to drinking animal blood


Since his power is close enough to Jasper Hale's power to sense emotions, he would be able to bypass Mental Shields and other mental defenses

His ability works best on weak minded individuals, as strong minded vampires or humans wouldn't focuse on their personal fears

Patrick can see the general fears that others around him hold in their mind. His power does become raw from time to time, which makes it sometimes impossible for him to stop feeling and sensing the fears of those around him

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