Physical Concealment
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Become unnoticable to others

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"Reece has a strong talent to make himself unnoticable to others, those who are affected by this for too long completely forget about him."
—Entry on Reece's gift

Physical Concealment is Reece's raw power to conceal himself from others by becoming unnoticable.


When Reece uses his talent, it works as effectively as being invisible, his power works best at a distance, as he 'blurs' into the surroudings, anyone who would notice him would just think of him as an object in their way, not a vampire.

If Reece were standing or sitting near others, their sight would pass over him


It is seen as a physical talent, an so goes unnafected by Bella's shield. When he affected Renesmee Cullen, she could still see him, but didn't want to know he was there.

Similar Abilities

  • Alphard's camouflage is the closest ability to Reece's, allowing him to blend in easily with his surroundings
  • Afton has the power to become invisible, but it is less effective as he can be seen by people with sharp vision
  • Fred is able to repel people enough to become invisible from others

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