Polish Coven
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Poland army

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Doroata: Atmokinesis


The Polish Coven was a coven of over 30 newborn vampires, who tried to destroy the Ukraine Coven during the 1800's. The coven became responsible for the Eurasian vampire wars


The Polish coven used to be a small, common coven before Khaled arrived. Khaled killed the former leader and took control. He turned the coven into an army. The coven first destroyed and conquered any other Polish covens they could find. A few years later the coven started the Eurasian vampire wars, heading into Slovakia, Sweden, Ukraine and Estonia: destroying any covens they found. However the Ukraine and Swedish covens were already aware of the armies intentions and managed to end most of the army, though Khaled managed to escape.

In the end, the war was deemed a minor event compared to the Southern vampire wars in the new world; America. The Volturi tried to wipe it completely from vampire history, though any surviving Eurasian covens still remember the event


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