Biographical information

Prior to 1063's AD; Sweden


Around 1088

Perpetual age


Created by

Unknown vampire

Physical description




Hair color
  • Dark
Eye color
  • Red (vampire)
  • Black (when thirsty)
Skin color


Family information
Family members
Special characteristics
  • Basic vampire abilities
  • Self control
Special abilities

Personality Manipulation


Leader of the Swedish Coven


Prewett is the leader of the Swedish Coven, her mate is Elphias, a vampire she created. She is gifted with the power to change someone's personality


Early life

Prewett was born and grew up in Sweden prior to the 1060's. She had lived with her older brother and sister, and her parents had died a few years after she born. While growing up, she always wanted the most out of something, most of all, her life. When she was 25 years old, she had been working in her village and she got along with her collegues because she knew how to deal with their attitude towards her. At one of her villages festivals they had been spotted by a nomad passing threw. When the nomad was satisfied enough, the left over humans who had been bitten began to change, the vampire had killed the rest who were changing, but Prewett had escaped into a cellar and continued the transformation.itude while she was a humanw

It had been her tranformation they made her want protection, she had discovered her power to change the personalities of others and used these to her advantage. she had realized that she only had this power from her talent of controlling someones

Powers and abilities: Personality Manipulation

Main Article: Personality Manipulation
"In all my years ive never met someone of her caliber, someone who can actually create a gifted vampire"
-Gabriel on Prewett's gift

Prewett possesses the supernatural talent to manipulate and alter the personality of another. Prewett's gift is powerful enough to manifest vampires that possess special gifts, all her coven mates are examples of her power.

There is however a side affect to her power, though her coven mates manifested a gift from her talent, they feel uneasy and these affects cannot be altered since they are no longer human

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