Prewett and Elphias are mates and members of the Swedish Coven. They are both Swedish vampires and are both gifted.



Prewett was born in the 1060's with her older brother and sister. when she was 25 years old, a nomad passed her village and slaughtered a great number of residents. The vampire bit Prewett but was satisfied enough, the vampire wanted to kill her, but thought she wouldn't survive her injuries. She wanted protection from dangerous vampires and so created her coven of gifted vampires, and succeeded with the assistance of her gift to influence anothers personality.


Elphias was the first human who Prewett abducted, she influenced his personality and then turned him. As a vampire, his new personality became his power to sense the honesty of others.


Prewett met Elphias as a human, and abducted him from his home, when she took him back to her home, she used her power to alter his personality. Prewett turned him after she knew her talent had worked. After Elphias' transformation, he gained the power to sense honesty in others

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