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Usage information
Ability to

Perceive visions of the past

Used by
To see the opposite power; see Precognition

Retrocognition is Autumn's and Anna's raw talent to percieve the past. The opposite of this power is Precognition, the power to see the future.


Autumn can uniquely see into the past of anothers life, and by doing so, it allows her to see their memories and their secrets. A unique part of her talent is being able to see a vampires human life.


Anna is skill allows her to gain direct information from anyother, human and vampire. Her power allows her see into anyone's past, their memories, or what ever they have senn or said.


It is yet unknown what the limits of her power, but the power is supposedly based inside the mind, she it wouldn't affect mental defenses. The gift seems to work better on humans more than it does on vampires, because of vampires having two lives, their present and past life in different species

Similar Abilities

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