Richard Roman
Biographical information

1841; New York


Around 1870's

Perpetual age


Created by

Unknown vampire

Physical description




Hair color


Eye color
  • Red
  • Black (when thirsty)
Skin color


Family information
Family members
Special characteristics
  • Basic vampire abilities
  • Self control
Special abilities

Mental Assault


Leader of the New York Coven


New York Coven

Richard 'Dick' Roman is a vampire and the leader of the New York Coven. He has plans to take control of the vampire world. He doesn't feed on humans, but has him and his coven feed off blood bags, so as not to draw attention to themselves. He is the mate of Isobel. He also has a witch ally named Gloria, who provided them with special rings and necklaces that masks the effect the sun has on them, their vampiric sent, as well as make their eyes appear human.


Early Life

Dick Roman was born in 1841 in New York. U.S.A. He was the only son of a wealthy politician, and was raised to lead and conquer. He fell in love with another politician's child, a girl named Isobel Flemming. The two of them intended to marry and live a life together. However, both of them were kidnapped during a trip to Texas and forced to become members of the southern vampire wars.

However, both he and Isobel had abnormally high levels of self control, and quickly grew tired of being members of an endless war. They both discovered that they were both gifted, powerfully so.


Dick is rutheless went it comes to getting what he wants. He was taught to take control and rule, somthing he fallows greatly. He is also very intelligent, easily creating a plan to take control of the vampire world when he was only a little out of the newborn stage. He also created a plan where people loyal to him could influence the human world, given him a deal of control of that world as well. The only beings he shows any love for his is wife, Isobel, and his son, Jason. He also seems to have a hatred for basic vampires, calling them waste and saying he would rather swim through garbage than work with them. For this reason, he has great respect for Carlisle and his coven. Telling members of his coven to leave the Cullens, and the Denali coven, alone.

Physical Appearance

Dick looks to be in his late twenties. He is a caucasian male with short black hair and brown eyes. He always wears a suit. He also always wears a sliver ring with a lapis lazuli in it, which he treats as his wedding ring. Without the ring on, he looks like a regular vampire. Very attractrive, pale, red eyes, and his skin refracts the sunlight when he is standing in it.


In addition to his regualr abilites, Dick also possesses extreme levels of self-control. He has the special ability of mental assault, which allows him to invade another's mind with his. In addition to the extreme pain this causes the target, Dick can also search through their memories, and even possess them, taking control of all of their mental faculties. He uses this ability to scout out new territory

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