Riley Biers was the first vampire created by Victoria after her mate James was killed by the Cullens.


Early Life

Riley Biers was born in Forks, Washington on October 8, 1986. While out partying to celebrate the end of his freshman year at Oregon University, he is separated from his group of friends. As he tries to locate his friends, a dark figure knocks him around. He takes off running to escape his attacker and ends up at the pier. Before he could jump into the water, his attacker bites his hand and he is left screaming in agony as he endures the transformation into a vampire.

After his transformation, Victoria introduce herself to him and began to tell him a web of lies. Victoria turned him because she overheard him mentioning his hometown being Forks, WA. She believed his knowledge of the area would be vital. It was easy to manipulate him by telling Riley how he was her great love along with other half-truths that had him willingly serving her. She taught him the capabilities and limitations of being a vampire, including the Volturi and the threat the pose.