Roman Coven
Founding information
Founding time

Around 1267 AD



Founded by


  • Jamie's Coven
  • Romans
  • Volturi Junior
Membership Information
Special characteristics
Family members

The Roman Coven is a coven of vampires located in Rome, Italy. It consists of Jamie, Lucas, Henry, Bethany and Mickey. All the members look around 13 or 14 years of age physically


The Roman coven was created by Aro's daughter, Jamie, and her mate Lucas around 5 year after Jamie left her father.

After leaving her father Jamie grew bored of being lonely and decide to create a coven. After travelling the world she ended up in Rome where she met a boy named Lucas, whose father was an abusive drunk. So he was happy to accept her offer of a better life. After his newborn years they both fell in love and they decided to add more vampiers. So after travelling the world, they met Henry and then his mate Beth. The last one to become apart of their coven was Mickey, who Jamie changed in 1840.

After living peacefully in Rome for about 7 centuries Jamie had no choice but to return to the Volturi and to her father. She had to take her coven to the Volturi after Mickey had been accused of killing a human in front of a witness.


  • Jamie: The founder and leader of the Coven, she is Lucas' mate. She is a gifted vampire with the power of Social camouflage
  • Lucas: Member of the Coven and Jamie's mate
  • Henry: Member of the Coven and Bethany's mate
  • Bethany: Member of the Coven and Henry's mate
  • Mickey: Member of the Coven
  • Damien: son of Alec and former member of the Volturi. He joins the coven.
  • Olivia: daughter of Felix and former member of the Volturi. She joins the coven.
  • Julien:
  • Roosus:


The coven drink human blood but only that of the people who won't be missed or who deserves it (pimps,drug dealers,muggers, ect). However, it has been hinted they have (or a least Jamie) at least tried animal blood, but as Jamie describes: "I tried the Cullen diet for 5 days before I cracke. I mean who wants to feed on a bunny when I can drink from a serial killer?"

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