Biographical information

March, 2007; Volterra, Italy

Physical description




Hair color


Eye color


Skin color


Family information
Family members
Special characteristics
  • Limited vampire abilities
  • Improved strength
  • Vampire venom
Special abilities



Volturi guard


Roosus is a Dhampir member of the Volturi and the son of Santiago. When he reached full maturity along with Julien, they became pack mates He is in a semi relationship with Eve Lydia they have a son named Jody who build two cities next to Las Vegas


The New Life of the Dhampir

Santiago, Roosus' farther, was ordered by Aro to find and impregnate a human women and produce a vampire hybrid. Santiago had only so little control over his thirst and tried on multiple occasions to conceive a child, resulting in killing the women involved by mistake. Santiago soon found Celia, a beautiful women. Celia was soon pregnant with his child, and he took her to the Volturi to stay for the rest of the pregnancy, unlike Damien, Felix and Demetri consorts, Santiago took proper care of Celia.

Santiago was planning to have Celia turned into a vampire after the baby was born, and had to travel to France to deal with a coven who were breaking the laws, with only under a week before Celia would go into labour, or the baby would kill her. When he returned unexpectedly a week later, Celia was carrying their baby son in her arms, and she was a newborn vampire, indicating that Roosus had turned her by biting her. Celia had waited for Santiago to return, so they could name the baby together.

The child, which they both named Roosus quickly befriended the other hybrids; Damien, Olivia and Julien.

Physical Appearance


Power and Traits

Because of Roosus brawny build, his strength surpasses that of regular vampires, but it is not as developed as full vampires who possess advanced physical strength.


Main Article: Disintegration

Roosus' special gift is telekinetic, where he is able to crush objects without touching them. It is not greatly potent like most gifts, as he is only Dhampir. The power is limited in strength.

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