Biographical information


late 1900's



Perpetual age


Created by

unnamed Vampire


Physical description





Hair color


Eye color

  • Crimson (as a newborn)
  • Bright Red (as a vampire)
  • Black (when thirsty)

Skin color


Family information

Family members

Special characteristics


  • Basic vampire abilities

Special abilities

Ability Replication






Roxanne is a gifted vampire and able to copy the abilities of others.


Early life

Physical appearance


Roxanne initially comes across as being light-hearted and whimsical, but this only serves to mask her sadistic nature. She genuinely enjoys the thrill of battle and delights in mutilating her victims in the form of twisted "games." She has a fascination with blood, seemingly enjoying the taste of it as well, and it is hinted that she killed humans in order to satisfy her insatiable bloodlust. Her temper can be dangerously explosive, as shown when she attacked Irene for interrupting her "playing" with Mitia.

She seems to despise people who try to sacrifice themselves in order to protect others, particularly the weak. This seems to have stemmed from a misperception of her brother's sacrifice to save her life, while her family was under an attack of a vampire, possibly because the truth of it was too painful for her to accept. Roxanne appears to be a scheming, manipulative Person who is easily mesmerized by other, at times seemingly to the point of obsession. She would try to befriend a vampire she admired and then take advantage of that friendship so that she could fully emulate her chosen vampire's combat skills. However, as she grew stronger, she would come to hate both the copied fighting styles and their inventors, deeming them as being "ugly".

Coincidentally, each of her "friends" would mysteriously die in a hunt soon after their techniques were mastered by Roxanne, but Roxanne never showed any signs of sadness. It is implied that she was directly involved in each of their deaths, as evidenced by the timings, her displaying a lack of sadness for any of them. Her reputation and volatile feelings towards her peers. She displays some sadistic and sociopathic tendencies. While on a hunt, she simply watched as the being tortured and eventually killed one of her coven mates.

After discovering the circumstances surrounding her friend's death and the fact that the awakened being was a weak one, Cassandra, in her grief, attacked an amused Roxanne, who killed her with a twisted grin on her face. After Cassandra's revival, Roxanne openly ridicules Cassandra for her unchanged fighting style and her Awakened form's configuration.

Powers and abilities



"Roxanne" is a French feminine proper name, from the Latin Roxane, from the Greek Rhoxane, and of Persian origin, associated with the Avestan word raoxšna meaning "shining, bright."

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