Biographical information

Around 1233; Sweden



Perpetual age


Created by


Physical description




Hair color

Blond (short)

Eye color
  • Red (vampire)
  • Black (when thirsty)
Skin color


Family information
Family members
Special characteristics

Basic vampire abilities

Special abilities

Outcome Alteration


Swedish Coven

Saemus is a vampire and a gifted member from the Swedish Coven. He is gifted with the strong ability to alter and delay the course of events.


Early Life

Saemus grew up as a peasant boy in a small trading community in Sweden with his parents and three siblings. He played his part in the community, serving many jobs that most people in his area wouldn't take on.

Saemus was mainly in the wrong place at the wrong time when he met Prewett, who at that time, was searching for additional humans to turn. When Prewett forcefully took him back to her house, she tested her power on him, changing his personality. The strong desire to change what had happened to him was brought over to his human life, and so his gift soon appeared in his new life as a vampire

Saemus stayed with Prewett over the years as she added new members to her coven.

Sometime during the 1500's, the Swedish coven were to have a visit from the volturi involving vampire rumours in their area, but Saemus used his gift to delay their visit, sending the Volturi to destroy the Jersey Coven, an unstable coven of vampires in Normandy

Physical Appearance

Saemus is known to have short blond hair and crimson eyes from drinking human blood. His height is about average.

Outcome Alteration

Main Article: Outcome Alteration

"I know what my gift includes, I know its effects, how it effects others at least"

Saemus is highly respected in his coven due to his innate power to alter the course of events. It is known to delay visits, but effect the welfare of others in the process, such as other covens and individuals

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