Biographical information

1896; Plainfield, Illnois


December, 1916

Perpetual age


Created by


Physical description




Hair color

Dark Brown

Eye color
  • Red (as a vampire)
  • Black (when thirsty)
Skin color


Family information
Family members
Special characteristics
  • Basic vampire abilities
  • Advanced strength

US soldier (human life)


Samson is a vampire and a member of Nelson's Coven. He has no supernatural talents, but his strength is more improved than other vampires.


Early Life

Samson was born in Plainfield, Illinois. As a teenager, Samson began stealing from the stores around his town, he even had his own gang. He was eventually caught by authorities, and was given the choice to either go to jail or enlist in the army.

He was 17 when he recruited into the US army. It was there in the training camps that he met his friends: Nelson, Reece and Deveaux, who soon became is coven mates when all four of them travelled into Germany during 1916. Amsel, a vampire from the German Coven sought them out, took them underground, and changed all four of them.

Even after he met his mate, Rebecca, he still didn't meet his friends again until the late 1930's

Physical Appearance

Samson has a tall height of at least 5'6" and is brawny built like Deveaux is. he has regular brown colored hair, and a set of red eyes from drinking human blood as a vampire. His strength makes him as intimidating as Deveaux is, but is less scary because he doesn't have Deveaux's 'Addictive skill'


Samson is great friends with Nelson and Deveaux, but his relationship with Reece is unknown, but they are on good terms with one another. He does like challenging Deveaux as they are both matched in strength. He has a more adventurous and risky nature, and has an interest in exposing themselves to the human population, something Deveaux personally dislikes about him. Samson possesses an 'addiction' to besting Deveaux, though he has never won a fight.

Nelson once said he and Deveaux could pass off as brothers, but both of them have disagreed with that claim. He is scared of Deveaux because of his gift, and what it can do.

Powers and abilities

Samson possesses no supernatural abilities, but his advanced strength as a vampire makes up for it. He seems equal in strength to Deveaux. He is a proficient fighter, but is less skilled than Deveaux is.


Main Article: Relationships

Samson has a mate named Rebecca, and has three coven mates; Nelson, Reece and Deveaux. His creator was Amsel, who Deveaux killed. He had two biological brothers when he was a human.


Main Article: Samson and Rebecca

Rebecca is Samson's mate. It is still unknown where or when they met, but they became mates sometime before the 1940's. Their relationship is strained because Rebecca is a member of Bridget's Coven, and lives away from him on the other side of Germany. They still see each other more frequently than their coven mates, a few times a week.




Nelson's Coven
Nelson Reece Deveaux Samson

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