Seismic Attraction
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Track another through their vibrational movements, anywhere around the world

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"He is a formidable tracker, able to track where someone is through their movements, over an entire continent with enough concentration"
―Entry on Sinéad's gift

Seismic Attraction is Sinéad's powerful tracking ability to 'feel' the vibrational movements of his intended targets once he has witnessed their scent.


by being in contact with someone's certain scent, Sinead can follow his tragets movements wherever they go, his talent makes him as powerful as Demetri, perhaps even more powerful, as his talent is not rendered impotent by mental shields

it is said that the Volturi would take him and replace demetri as Aro doesn't surround himself with second best, the Volturi don't know of his skill or existence as they would have 'taken' him


The limits of his talent are unknown, it it likely unnafected by mental shields as it tracks its target through their scent and not through their mind

A vampire could easily evade him, as his gift revolves around the constant movement of his intended targets, and vampires are able to stay as still as statues, halting their movements

His ability could possibly follow his target anywhere around the world, so his gift might be more efficient than Demetri's gift, who tracks people by latching onto their mind

Similar Abilities

  • Demetri has shown the ability of sensory location, which is an ability to find whoever he seeks no matter where they are. This power makes him a thousand times stronger than Alistair's, it seems less efficient than Sinead's gift, but Demetri can track someone anywhere around the world.
  • The tracker, James, had a strong tracking sense that allowed him to predict his prey's moves. This power made him a hundred times stronger.
  • Alistair also has a similar power though he is not nearly as precise or efficient as Demetri, because he only feels a "pull" towards whatever he wants.

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