Sensory Alteration
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Alter the senses of another

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Sensory Alteration is William's talent to change the perception of all five senses; sight, taste, smell, touch and hearing. Even speech is affected by his gift


William can change what his targets see, hear, taste, smell and what they feel, his power could incapacitate his targets, as they wouldn't see or hear what is actually happening, it is assumed that he can take away his targets senses all together, but it would take extreme concentration


As William's talent is only mental, it doesn't affect mental shields

Similar Abilities

  • Zafrina has the ability to create illusions strong enough to block the sense of sight.
  • Alec's ability of sensory deprivation allows him to deprive multiple target's of their senses. However, both abilities are more potent than the other. Alec incapacitates his targets by depriving them of their senses, William gift seems more potent than Alec's, it works immediately and he can make them see whatever he wants them to see, and can also take them away

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