Sensory Identification
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Sense and identify anything in the world

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Sensory Identification is Joseph's special gift to sense anything he chooses, his power makes him one of the most powerful vampires


Joseph can sense anything he wishes, his power allows him to sense anything from anyone he meets. He manifested this from his power to identify certain things as a human. Joseph can display numerous gifts with the power, including: Ability Identification, Telepathy, Tracking Sense, Fear Sensory, Lie Detection, Precognition and Relational Identification, probably making him the most gifted vampire in the world.


As his talent is mental and not physical, it does not affect mental shields. His power only works on others if he has met them or at least if he has a firm description of them

His power is weaker on humans like most talents, and he needs to focuse

Similar Abilities

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