Biographical information


Before 2000 B.C.; Egypt


Before 2700 B.C

Perpetual age


Created by

unknown Vampire


Wild Horse

Physical description





Hair color

Dark Brown

Eye color

  • Brown (as human)
  • Amber (as a newborn)
  • Red (as a vampire)
  • Deep Onyx (when thirsty)

Skin color


Family information

Family members

  • Alphard (brother)
  • Unnamed parents

Special characteristics


Basic vampire abilities

Special abilities

Illusionary Cloning



Volturi Guard (formerly)


Senya is a nomadic vampire and former member of the Volturi, she is also gifted with the power to replicate, producing identical clones


Early life


Physical appearance


Personality and Traits


Senya appeared to have a very flippant personality, choosing to only inform her brother, Alphard about the disaster unfolding at the confrontation, after finding out that the child is half mortal half immortal. Despite all of the uproar, she maintained the thrilled smile on her face, implying she found it amusing. 

Also, Senya is a very calm and level-headed individual, as she rarely got surprised or angry in regards to either situation and always maintained a relaxed demeanor even in the heat of battle. During a battle, she exhibits some degree of recklessness, unmindful of those she may hurt while attacking. Senya has been shown to be rather sadistic, seemingly enjoyed the suffering of others. 

Powers and abilities: Illusionary Cloning

Main Article: Illusionary Cloning

Senya can create several clones of herself, and claims to be able to create thousands. The clones physically emerge from her body. They are all capable of independent thought and action, and each is apparently capable of producing her own clones.

Senya's imperfections are cloned, as well. Senya's ability also clones most of the clothes he is wearing and the weapons she is carrying. Her's clones usually appear without her hat, implying that she has some control over what objects are cloned. Some of the clothes on Senya's clones appear to be different, indicating she may be able to alter the items she clones or clone items that she is not wearing or touching.

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