Shield Penetration
Ability information




Usage information
Ability to

Penetrate any types of shield

Used by

Renesmee Cullen


"So far, no one has been able to block her talent."
―Entry on Renesmee's gift

Shield penetration is Renesmee Cullen's and Will's ability to destroy or penetrate mental shields. Aside from this gift, Renesmee Cullen has the power of tactile thought projection, which she can use to show people her thoughts and memories.


She can use this power through tactile thought projection to penetrate a shield and place her thoughts into their minds without their defenses hindering her.

It is not yet known if Nessie's penetration works only on Bella's shield, or any other like that of Renata, a high-ranking member of the Volturi, and Aro's personal guard. It is, however, thought that she can communicate with anybody she touches without their mental defenses keeping her at bay. It is also unknown if her power operates by penetrating the shield, sidestepping it or neutralizing it completely.


This power works via physical contact with a target. It is unknown whether she is able to break through physical shields like Renata's. However, its effect may more restrained due to Bella being human when she passed it on to Renesmee.


"You keep everyone out."
"And no one keeps her out?"
―Bella and Edward's discussion on Nessie's second gift

Renesmee's gift of anti-shielding is described of being like the opposite of her mother's power, much like how her other gift of tactile thought projection is the opposite of her father's. There are indications she can consciously control both her gifts.

This power is seemingly inherited from Charlie Swan, who has a similar mental blockage, though it is much less powerful than Bella's.

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