Sophie Lahote
Sophie Lahote
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1991; Tacoma, Washington

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Please do not edit this without my permission as this belongs to Alexandra Swan Jeff is Sophie ex boyfriend and he was believed to be dead but he not Jeff first victim is Eric he attack leah seth Cesar Jacob human friend and Eric is got chef Swan gun and shoot him but Jeff look at him and bite him ripping his heart out but put it back in Eric #1 Jeff rape jessica Stanley impregnated her and unlike Bella pregnancy her child has kicked and turn her before riping his(that azelan)way out jessica is now the bride only way he can be stop is another hybrid step up to face him Sophie is a hybrid so she will face him are we going to see Victoria justice as rose hathaway aka elizabeth Clearwater when will we see it on the wiki

Sophie Lahote is the younger sister of Paul Lahote (Laura Clarke Ver) and Sabian Lahote, as she is the daughter of Tiron Lahote and unnamed mother from Tacoma She is also the wife of Nicolas Uley

Her Life and Death: Twilight Reimagined counterpart is Sophian Lahote. Is it okay if Sam Uley was born eddie castles a hybrid who is werewolf and mori combined and is bound to emliy but imprint on Sophie Lahote and his is all right that Emily Young was pregnant with not one not two but six of them that was born and among them is max young who is maximum ride she was injected with avan dna and leah is the one who keep them safe so is it possible the erasers play a part in the battle and saga like nevermore when they have wings and in maximum ride forever fang imprint on Jean gray and impregnate her.


Early life

Sophie was born in Tacoma, Washington, to Tiron and unnamed mother, as she is the younger sister of Paul Lahote (Laura Clarke Ver) and Sabian Lahote, she then moved to La Push with her father and older brothers after her parents got a divorce.

She was family friend to Charlie's daughter Alex Swan as her older brother Paul was a family friend to Quinn


Is it all right if I can make were Sophie have imprint Dacian Roman who half werecoyote half shadowhunter like his siblings who are Danutza,Maruis,Loana,stefanie,vandi, and Cadric Loana Roman's lover is Stefanie's Loana is a warlock Stefanie is a fariee.


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