Spike Cuther
Biographical information

20 May, 2013

Created by

Jenny Baustherhaus

Physical description





6' 4"

Hair color


Eye color
  • Golden
  • Black (when thirsty)
Skin color


Family information
Family members
Special characteristics

Basic vampire abilities

Special abilities

Telepathic Push


Forks High School Student


Spike Cuther is vampire and member of the Olympic coven, he is the husband of Gwyneth Cullen and the farther of Spike Cuther jr.


Thunder From Sky

Spike is shown to be 17 years old and he finds that his brother is a vampire. Spike meets Jenny Bausterhaus, a vampire from Germany. Jenny wanted to kill Spike but later disagreed. Spike ran away, after he was bitten already bitten. He ran for he's brother and said: "Please brother do, something, it hurts!" and then Spike's brother sucks the venom out. Jenny arrives and kills his brother and bites him again and is then turned into a vampire. Jenny wanted to kill him, but Spike's brother defended Spike. He said: "Run Spike, she still wants to kill you. Run away, go everywhere you can. Wait, take this, and follow the direction!". 3 days later, he's finds the Olympic Coven. Then Gwyneth found him and they fall in love.

Rising dawn

Spike and spike jr dont appear at the start of Rising dawn, they arrive a few days before the battle against the volturi, welcomed back into the family by Esme and Gwyneth. During the battle he and Emmett are most prepared to fight.

Personality and traits

Physical appearance

Powers and abilities

Since Spike is a vampire he possesses common abilities i.e inhuman strength, speed, senses, endurance and immotality

Telepathic push


The name Spike means 'long' in american.

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