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1981; Berkley, Colorado



Perpetual age


Created by


Physical description




Hair color


Eye color
  • Red (as a vampire)
  • Black (when thirsty)
Skin color


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Family members
Special characteristics

Basic vampire abilities

Special abilities

Danger Sensory


Pawn in the Seattle newborn army


Steve is a vampire and a survivor of the Seattle newborn army, he escaped with his mate, Shelly and created his own coven.


Steve was born in Berkley, Colorado but his parents moved to Seattle when he was seven years old. Steve had a pretty normal life, decent grades at school and numerous friends, he planned to meet one of his friends at a local bar, until Riley spotted him, he asked if Steve wanted new friends, he told Riley to leave him alone and Riley waited for him. Steve's friend never showed up and steve left the bar, Riley forcefully took him to Victoria and she changed him

Steve became a vampire from the Seattle newborn army, as a delinquent newborn, he was easily taken over by Raoul and his power, joining his small coven in the army, this changed, however, when he met Shelly.

Unknown to his maker, Victoria, Riley and the newborn army, Steve possessed a potent gift to sense trouble in a wide vicinity. This gift allowed him to evade vampires such as Victoria or Riley who would have killed them.

Steve started the coven with Shelly and were joined by Dahlia, a gifted vampire who could change the perception of others with her illusions.

Powers and Abilities: Danger Sensory

Main Article: Danger Sensory

Unknown to Victoria, Riley or the newborn army, Steve possessed a potent and quite useful gift to sense danger in a wide vicinity, such as danger or obsticles in his way. During his first months as a vampire, he new where to hide from the less controlled newborns (Raoul, Kevin, Casey. etc) and survived along with keeping Shelly safe. This would mean that Victoria had created three vampires with special gifts (Steve, Fred and Raoul)

Physical appearance 

Personality and traits 


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