Steve and Shelly are mates that came from the Seattle newborn army. After they escaped the army, they both founded their own coven


Steve and Shelly were both pawns in victoria's army, Shelly was a more stable member, as Steve was reckless and weak minded, he was an underling influenced by Raoul and joined his coven.

Steve was a little suspicious of Shelly, with all the female newborns being with Kristie, he didn't trust her

Shelly broke away from Kristie's group and Steve gained enough control and focuse to escape Raoul's influence, they quickly fell in love

Sometime later, they both discovered that the sun couldn't harm them and they escaped the coven together.

While escaping and leaving Seattle, they were joined by another survivor of the army; Fred, and they started a coven together. Fred didn't respond well with being in a group, so he left and became a 'solo' nomad, Steve and Shelly were later joined by Dahlia, another gifted vampire

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