Strength Manipulation
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Usage information
Ability to

Mentally influence the physical strength of others

Used by


"She can mentally trick someone into becoming physically weaker. No one has been able to physically overpower her for long"
―Entry on Olivia's gift

Strength Manipulation is Olivia's special skill to decieve her targets mind by making them become weaker.


Olivia can decieve her targets mind. To her targets, they feel the same, physically and mentally, but their actual strength becomes 'thwarted', unknown to them.

Olivia's gift is strong enough to make a human seem stronger than a vampire


Though powerful, Olivia needs physical contact for her powers to work, and the effects work immediately, she would still stand at a huge disadvantage in a fight.


"Instead of having greater strength than their adversaries, they are able to take strength away from them"

―Entry on the gift

Olivia inherited her power (oddly enough) from her vampire farther; Felix. Her farther possesses strength that greatly surpasses that of regular vampires

Similar abilities

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