Swedish Coven
Founding information
Founding time

Prior to 1220's



Founded by


  • Swedes
Membership Information
Special characteristics
Special abilities
  • Unknown

The Swedish Coven is a vampire coven located somewhere in Sweden.


Prewett was a carefully planning but power hungry vampire, she possessed the power to change anothers personality, which manifested from her talent of changing peoples attitudes when she was a human. She had noticed why she possessed her gift, that personalities from a vampires human life can manifest into a special talent once a human has been turned. She wanted to act on this, twisted the personalities of humans and then turning them into vampires for the possible result of them manifesting a special talent, So far she has been very successful, adding her mate Elphias, and her other coven mates; Saemus, Phineas and Guthrie, who all possess a promising talent into her coven. She wanted different types of powers at her disposal, all her coven members possess a different raw talent

Renesmee notices the members (except for Prewett) seem a little shaken, never acting calmly like regular vampires, this was due to their personalities being twisted around while they were humans

Sometime during the late 15th Century, the coven was visited by the Volturi, they would have come sooner, but Saemus used his gift to delay their visit. Aro had 'found' out about Prewett, her gift and her intentions, and would have used Chelsea to 'take' her, but Prewett chanted that her coven needed her or they wouldn't survive, Aro decided to let her stay and told her the Volturi's excuse for visiting them; that they had been drawing minor attention from nearby humans. Since then the Volturi have forbidden the coven from creating any new members

Sometime during the 1970's Prewett has added two other members to her coven, Cygnus, a potential member like all the rest

It is unknown if the coven has other members, though their had been whispers about 3 other members, Ingrid, Anna-Britta and Klara who joined the coven later.


The coven may have other members, Edward has read Prewett's thoughts and she had mentioned a few details, whether they were true is unknown

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