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The Dutch coven is a coven with 4 members. they drink human blood. They have in the vampire world no autorety whatsoever, this is mostley because they don't trust other vampire the members are: Jan, he is the founder of the coven. He is 23 years old. Maartje, she has the special abillity mind control, and she is the mate of Jan. she is 24 years old Nina, she is the youngest of the coven and has a crush on Alec. Her special abillity is almost the same as Heidi's but stronger. she is 15 years old. Bram, thinks Nina is his mate.


The Dutch coven is found in 1803 when Jan, a traverler from the netherlands, goes to Italy. There he mets Aro. Aro thinks that Jan has a special abillity, and bites him. But he has no special abillity. So Aro wants to end him. Jan flees, he goes back to the netherlands, where he meets Maartje. Jan bites her and they fall in love. Maartje has the special abillity of mind control. After a few years Maartje feels like there is somthing missing. She wanted a child. when she sees Nina she bites her. Maartje thinks that Nina is the most beautiful vampire on the planet. Nina develops that as her special gift. The volturi still wanted to end Jan. But when they see he has a coven, they leave him alone. A few years later they created Bram. Maartje and Jan thougt it was a good idea. But Nina hated him. The volturi comes by and they wanted Nina and Maartje, Nina sees Alec for the first time and falls in love. Same goes for Alec. Jan didn't wanted to give them away, so they made a compromise. if they needed Nina they can have her for a short time. Nina wanted to go with the volturi. but she had to stay there.


They aren't befriend with any other clan or coven. The have a partnership with the volturi. But nothing more. This is mostley because they don't want any other coven hunting on there land. the netherlands is a very small land. If a lot of vampires are active there. Everybody will know what is happening. This very sad for Nina who loves to have a lot of people around her. She knows a few people from the British clan. and fleed to help the Cullens, but got caught by bram. who took her back to the other members of her clan.


  • Jan, the longest in existance and the founder of the coven. He don't like Nina 'cause she is very rebellious. he is the mate of Maartje.
  • Maartje, she has a very powerfull abillity mind control. She don't like to use it. She treats Nina and Bram like her own children.
  • Nina, is the most beautiful vampire in existance. Everybody wants to be close with her. She discribes this as: "bees to honey" she loves attention and hates being alone. She did a few attempts to flee her coven, and join someone elses. She has also a deep respect for human life and wants to live the half vegetarian lifestyle. She hates Bram and Jan. And her personality is discribed as: rebellious. She has a temper and she is (unless she is with someone else) not happy. she calls Bram a Stalker. She has a secret crush on Alec
  • Bram, loves nina. and isn't always very nice

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