Jersey Coven
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Normandy, France

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The Jersey Coven was a vampire coven located somewhere in Normandy. The coven wasn't very stable and drew the attention of too many humans. Saemus a member of the Swedish Coven had used his gift to delay the Volturi from visiting their coven, and the Volturi killed Creevey and Veronica. Bridget survived because she was hunting when the Volturi killed the other two members, she travelled to Germany and found her mate, Nelson. She later started her own coven


  • Creevey: Leader of the coven. He hadn't known how to run his coven properly and because of this, many humans noticed the coven. He was killed by the Volturi because of his poor leadership tendencies
  • Veronica: coven member. loyal to Creevey. Killed by the Volturi when she decided to join him
  • Bridget: Last surviving member of the coven, she escaped because she wasn't with her coven when the Volturi executed her coven mates. She started her own coven when she met her mate, Nelson

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