The protecters are a race of humanoids that defend and protect the people they are a sight to. They can be a sight to human,vampiers,werewolves and other supernatural.


It is not known how long they have been around,some say since man learnt to walk but this is highly unlikely,but they have been around for centuries being mistaken for angle's or fairy's Sometimes even pixels(with Alex hates the most)

It is unclear how the people they protect are chooses Alex describe it as "the supernatural lottery but instead of money you get a bodyguard"

The first protecter(who's names was lost in history)was said to been born in the heavens and fell from the sky with the task to protect human and supernatural who would one day do great thing. This protecter was said to be the most powerful being the world has ever seen.

Powers and abilities

There main power, are teleporting and energy blast that can stun or in other cases kill. When they teleport a bright rainbow coloured light come's over them which is descierib as feeling "funny" or "give you a sense of peace".

They also age at a very slow rate to the point of not at all,for example Alex was born over 250 years ago but has age only 16 years


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