Tracking Evasion
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Become unrecognisable to others

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Tracking Evasion is Beaumont and Leonhard's power to render themselves unnable to be recognised by others.


"He has an impressive shielding ability, able to hide his own identity from persuers"
-Entry on Beaumont's gift

Beaumont can use the power more effectively the moment he meets someone, The power has a strong effect on tracking and mental powers, he was able to escape Demetri's tracking skill and was able to block his own sent. His mind is rendered unrecognisable so telepath's cant read him and Empath's can't see his emotions


"He has the power to become unrecognised from the five senses of others"
-Entry on Leonhard's gift

Leonhard can consciously activate a shield around himself that prevents the senses of others from detecting himself. This allows Leonhard to become impossible for others to sense. People cannot see, smell, feel, hear or even taste him. Leonhard can even pass on the shield to others if he has physical contact with them, but however the ability only affects the senses of others, and not any equipment or abilities which could be used to detect him.

Leonhard will be able to create an invisible shield around himself which will stop the senses of others from seeing, smelling, feeling, hearing or tasting him. It will stop the senses from focusing or working on him while the shield is activated. He will be able to activate and deactivate it whenever he chooses to, and it will work instantly. It can be passed over others also, but only if they have physical contact with Leonhard. However, the ability only blocks sensory perceivement, and so certain abilities and equipment can still be used to detect him.


As the ability is meant to keep Beaumont safe and not affect others, it is rendered unnafective against Bella's shield

Similar Abilities

Bella Swan possesses a potent shield to block herself from mental powers, Bella is more powerful, she would be able to see past his trick, making her the only personal he can't hide from

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