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    April 15, 2013 by VampBeauty

    Hey, I'm VampBeauty and I'm going to start a project for this year. It is about all the diffenert articles on this wikia. I noticed that the most admins are not "really" activ on this wikia, so I decided to make a sort of contest. 

    I'm going to spilt it up into, Character, Gift and Coven. 

    If you are interested in this contest, then please leave a comment with your Top 3 of, Characters, of Talents and Covens.

    Have fun and enjoy your time on this wikia,

    your dear friend VampBeauty. :)

    P.S. If I have missed one of your characters, please write a message.

    Main article: Amazon Coven

    • Kachiri
    • Senna
    • Zafrina*

    Main article: Anchorage newborn Coven
    • Irina ♰
    • Patrick* - Gene
    • Harry ♰
    • Lewis
    • Hadley
    • Clovis* - Dawn
    • Bruno*
    • Paris
    • Sean ♰
    • Curtis ♰
    • Clara ♰
    • Justin ♰
    • Trent ♰
    • Jesse ♰

    Main …

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