The following Vampire Index lists all of the vampires and their coven known in the Twilight universe.


possesses a quantifiable supernatural talent = *

bonded pair (oldest listed first) = -

deceased = ♰


Amazon Coven

Main article: Amazon Coven

Anchorage newborn Coven

Main article: Anchorage newborn Coven

Armenian Coven

Main artcile: Armenian Coven

Alasdair's Coven

Main article: Alasdair's Coven

Belgian Coven

Main article: Belgian coven

Brazillian Coven

Main article: Brazilian Coven

British Coven

Main article: British Coven

Bosnian Coven

Main article: Bosnian Coven

Bulgarian Coven

Main article: Bulgarian Coven 

Belarusian coven

Main article: Belarusian coven 

Croation Coven

Main article:Croation Coven

Denali Coven

Main article: Denali Coven

Danish Coven

Main article: Danish coven

Egyptian Coven

Main article: Egyptian Coven

Estonian Coven

Main article: Estonian Coven

Eoessa's Coven

Main article: Eoessa's Coven

Finnish Coven

Main article: Finnish coven

Georgian Coven

Main article: Georgian Coven

German Coven

Main article: German Coven

Helka's Coven

Main article: Helka's coven

Hungarian Coven

Main article: Hungarian Coven

Icelandic Coven

Main article: Icelandic coven

Lativan Coven

Main article: Lativan Coven

Leonhard's Coven

Main article: Leonhard's Coven

Liechtenstein Coven

Main article: Liechtenstein coven

Moldovan Coven

Main article: Moldovan Coven

Mariam's coven

Main article: Mariam's coven

Monégasque coven

Main article: Monégasque Coven

Makenna's Coven

Main articleMakenna's Coven

Manolo's Coven

Main article:Manolo's Coven

New mexican coven

Main article: New mexican coven

Nelson's Coven

Main article: Nelson's Coven

Olympic Coven Carlisle-Esme Alice*-Jasper* Rosalie-Emmett Edward*-Isabella* Renesmee*-Jacob.

Raoul's Coven

Main article: Raoul's Coven

Romanian coven

Main article: Romanian coven

Roxanne's coven

Main article: Roxanne's coven

Russian Coven

Main article: Russian Coven

Scottish Coven

Main article: Scottish Coven

Steve's Coven

Main articleSteve's Coven

Spanish coven

Main article: Spanish Coven

Swedish Coven

Main article: Swedish Coven

Swiss Coven

Main article: Swiss Coven

Turkish Coven

Main article: Turkish Coven

Ukraine Coven

Main article: Ukraine Coven

Valdia's Coven

Main article: Valdia's Coven


Main Article: Volturi

Welsh coven

Main article: Welsh coven


Main article: Nomads

The American Nomads (partial)

The South American Nomads (partial)

The European Nomads (partial)

Other Nomads (partial)

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