Vatican Coven
Biographical information
Founding time

Unknown, around


Vatican, Italy

Founded by


Membership information
Special Characteristics
Family members
  • Anacletus: Priest (human/vampire life)
  • Angus: Knight (human life)
  • Sistina: Nun (h


The Vatican Coven, is a high authority coven in the world, how workes similar as the curch. All members of the coven still believe in the christian god and in their human life most of them had a religious background. The hole coven is lead by the former priest, Sankt Anacletus.

They have a permanent residence where they coexist alongside with humans. The coven acts as the religous part in the vampire world and it is also known that the leader of the Vatican coven, Anacletus and the leader of the Volturi, Aro, shars a deep friendship.

They respect the vampire laws like any other coven. The coven consumes only Human blood, but the most members of the coven have developed control over their thirst, they also respect human life and were able take their blood without losing control.

It is mentioned that this coven doesn't follow an hierarchy of life, but as a kind of community life exist, like a family.




  • Anacletus: The officel leader of the coven, he possesses no special ability. He had befor he build the coven religious tends, due to his human life as a priest.
  • Sistina: A co-leader of the coven and Anacletus advisor. She is the only female member and gifted with the ability to emit light.


  • Angus: A vampire with the unique and odd ability to see the deceased.
  • EzraelA vampire with no any special talents, but his ambitions and faith to god impressed Anacletus so much that he decided to recruit him when they formed the coven. He is often see with Sistina, as her care taker.
  • Cesare:
  • Richard:
  • HektorA member of the coven with the power of see coming events by touch. 
  • Brutus:

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