Warding Shield
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Repel others a great distance away

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"He can shield himself and others, forcing anyone who touches his shield to move a great distance away from him, as if they had been pushed away."
—Entry on Jonsu's gift.

A Warding shield is Jonsu 's talent to repel persuers a distance away from by making them lose focuse and drift a far distance from him


When Bella's mental shield touched Jonsu's shield, it looked the same as hers, a bubble, people inside of his shield are protected, who are usually his coven mates; Tristam and Drazan. When someone comes near his shield with the intention of harming him, they temporarily lose focuse of their intentions and move a far distance away from him, like his persuaers are being pushed away. Only after being a great distance away from him do they start recalling what they were doing.

Eleazar calls it a force field that wards away danger, though it does affect a crowd as well, causing a group of people around him to move across him in a circular formation


Since Junsu's shield is mental, it can be rendered useless against mental shields. Renesmee Cullen can presumable penetrate his shield through her other gift.

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