Weakening Shield
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Severely weaken people close to the user

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"He is in command of a formidable shielding skill, able to severely weaken those who come into contact with him. The shield can completely incapacitate his victims, yet it is purely a mental skill"
―Entry on Claud's gift

A Wakening Shield is Claud's supernatural talent to make others feel overwelmingly weak when they come into contact with him.


Claud's shield doesn't work to keep others out, he waits for his persuers to enter. When Claud's persuers enter the shield, they become unbearably weak and disorianted. Claud's shield works against multiple individuals at once, and the shield is able to project several metres away from himself, some say it can project over an entire room. Claud can also control how weak his victims become. It has taken him 300 years to perfect his skill.


Claud never really used his gift whe he was a member of the Russian Coven, he was lucky to escape the eyes of the Volturi when he left, as Eleazar was still a member and had sensed Claud's gift while he was in search of gifted vampires around Europe. The Volturi had sent some of their guard to retrieve him, but they couldn't get close enough to take him, and later gave up the search. Gabriel holds him in the highest regard and even adopted him as his son along with his sister Ida, Claud is one of Gabriel's main priorities, the same as Renata is to Aro, but mainly uses it to keep his sister safe.


Claud's gift originated from his strong desire as a human to protect those around him, specifically his sister. This trait magnified many times when he was turned into a vampire.


Claud's power is only a mental talent and cannot affect mental shields. Renesmee Cullen could penetrate his gift as easily as her mother could with her gift to penetrate shields. Physically, the affect of his shield does nothing to his targets.

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