earliest effect of a werewolf bite

A Werewolf Bite is a poisonous bite possessed by Children of the Moon and Hybrids. The bite is lethal to vampires but not to an Original. The only way to cure a werewolf bite is with Angelo Ciro's blood. While vampires are far inferior to fully transformed werewolves in terms of physical power, this is a werewolf's greatest weapon against them,

List of users

Children of the Moon

Werewolf bites are lethal to vampires. They can only use it when they are in wolf form or when they are in mid-transformation. If they bite in their human form it will only be equal to a mortal's bite. So far, only two werewolves have used their bite: Jayden Noel. The bite takes a lot of time for it's goal to work: death.

Vampire-werewolf hybrid

Hybrid bites seem to take effect much faster then a werewolf bite. The first hybrid, Angelo, used his blood to cure Caius who was near-fatality mauled by a Child of the Moon. Like werewolves, Hybrids are able to use their bite in wolf form and mid-transformation.


A werewolf's bite starts taking effect after a few hours but a hybrid's bite

Effect 2: ravenous appitate

begins much faster. At first it doesn't seem serious and it heals quickly as most vampire injuries. But after a few hours it shows an ugly rash followed by nausea and fatigue. The next day the vampire begins to hallucinate (in the cases seen they confuse past and present) and become rabid and attack whoever is close looking for blood. With strong will they can control themselves however, They die of septic shock afterwards.


The only cure for a werewolf bite is the blood of Angelo Ciro who is a Hybrid. Angelo confirms this when he cured Caius with his blood. It is known if this cure only applies to Angelo.

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